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Experimental Process

The most important part of good science is designing the experiment. You must design your experiment with as few variables as possible and have control of everything else. A controlled experiment will allow for the best data.

Experimental Design Steps:

  • State the problem
  • Choose a variable
  • Choose the controls
  • Design an experiment
  • Collect and organize data
  • Repeat the experiment

The variables in an experiment are the parts that change but there are two types:

  • the independent variable
  • the dependent variable

The independent variable is the part changed by the scientist and there should only be one independent variable in any acceptable test. The dependent variable is the part changed by the experiment itself and occurs because of the independent variable. Although there will be only one independent, you can several dependent parts.

The controls are the things that must be kept the same in every trial. Anything that doesn't remain constant is a variable. The more controls and the fewer variables you have will result in collecting better information, thus creating beter conclusions.

The information collected is the data and scientist use tables to organize their data. Then this data is analyzed through graphs, charts and equations.