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You must give up to go up

The law of sacrifice says that you cannot get something you want, without giving up something in return. In order to attain something you believe is of greater value, you must give up something you believe is of lesser value.

Can you do that? Are you willing to give something up in order to go to next level? If not, you will not succeed! It's just not possible to do the things that make both things work. You don't have enough time or resources and if you don't give something up both will fail. So give up the old and embrace the new and move to the next level. 

"You make your choices then your choices
make you."-- Darren Hardy

Making Choices

In the beginning, the decisions that affect your life are made by someone else: a parent, a grandparent or guardian. But as you get older, you will make your own choices and become responsible for your own decisions. So, ultimately you and you alone are responsible for your life. Your life is a sum total of all the decisions you make, so choose wisely.

Because the choices you make determine what happens to you in life. Even if you choose not to make a choice you made a choice. A choice to let "Whatever" happen to you. But, if you want to be in control of your life you must make a conscious effort to think about the choices you make.

Become aware of your choices. You should know why you do things. You should weigh the pros and cons of every choice you make. Never blindly choose an action and hope for the best. Your choices must further your goals and improve your situation.

Why would you choose to lose? 

"Good habits are as addictive as bad habits, and a lot
more rewarding."-- Harvey Mackay

Success Is In Your Habits

Your success is directly related to your habits.  So, you need to create, cultivate and take care of good habits.  Good habits do not just happen.  Habits are formed by your choices.  Therefore, you need to think about your choices and choose wisely.

It has been said that you will be the same as you are today except for the people you have chosen to associate with and the books you have read.  You need to be very careful who you choose to spend your time with and what you read.

May I ask you something?  Are the things you do day in and day out furthering your goals?  If not, why are you doing them?

Learn to say, “No!” to activities and individuals that do not contribute to the attainment of your goals.  Often, people take advantage of your kindness and generosity without ever realizing you have better things to do with your time.

If you are to succeed in any endeavor you must realize the power or habits.  You must be willing to end those habits which will break you and cultivate those habits which will help you obtain success.  Do not be afraid to do things other people are not willing to do.

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