Panic to Power

  • Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking
    Statistics show that people fear public speaking more than they do their own deaths. People would rather die than speak. Learn how to overcome your fear of public speaking.
  • Public Speaking Phobia
    Do want to know some of the causes of Public Speaking Phobia ? Studies show that public speaking phobias, ...
  • Factors that Cause Public Speaking Anxiety
    It was found that most people have public speaking anxiety. It is the number one fear among Americans, --and number 6 was the fear of death
  • Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking
    A list of people's greatest fears placed the fear of public speaking as the number one fear. Death came in sixth place.
  • Fear of Public Speaking
    The fear of public speaking. How do you overcome fear of standing in front of an audience to deliver your message?
  • Conquer Your Presentation Nerves
    Are you doomed to presentation nerves or paralysis, or can you overcome that debilitating nervousness and deliver a speech that wows the audience? Or at least leaves them feeling satisfied.