Comedy and Humor Articles

  • Clean Comedy - Doesn’t have to be Dirty to be Funny
    As a general description, clean comedy is basically an act that doesn't involve offensive themes and language or subjects generall considered obscene or disturbing.
  • Punchline Delivery for Comedian Success
    Although a stand-up comedian’s primary goal is to obtain a natural and positive reaction from the audience – a chuckle, smile, or best of all, a laugh – the process ...
  • Comedy Styles
    Comedians come and go. That is why if you aim to be a good one, and last in the industry, you should be able to hone your skills more and invest in knowledge about the basic comedy styles.
  • Comedians - Strategies for Working the Audience
    The world of comedy doesn't start and end with the audience laughing. The craft of making people laugh is constantly evolving and should regularly be honed so the comedian will develop a staying power.
  • Public Speaking Humor
    Public Speaking Humor and jokes are a great way to complement your public speaking. Humor will make your presentation more interesting and ...
  • Wanna Be Standup Comedians
    Too many aspiring standup comedians assume that, just because they can keep their buddies in stitches every time they open their mouths, getting up on stage ...
  • Being Funny
    Being a humorous person allows you establish some relationships better and faster than other people.
  • Getting Your Comedy Routine Together
    Being naturally funny is only the first part of becoming a good comedian. Getting a comedy routine ready is a necessity if you're planning to take your show out of the bar room and onto the stage.
  • Police Humor Stories
    Funny and humorous stories from police officers on duty.
  • Things You SHOULDN' T Say to a Police Officer
    The top ten things you should NEVER say to a police officer.
  • How Do Stupid People Survive
    It never ceases to amaze me at the number of stupid people I come across each and every day.
  • Mr Causey Ask Why ?
    Have you ever just wondered why? I have many times. I wonder why people do some of the things they do.
  • What da Hell is a Blue Neck
    In response to Redneck jokes, here are some takes on how Southern folks look at Northerners (Blue Necks).