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How to Sreencast Like a Pro

Punchline Delivery
Although a stand-up comedian’s primary goal is to obtain a natural and positive reaction from the audience - a chuckle, smile, or best of all, a laugh - the process of obtaining that goal is methodical and meticulous and involves carefully orchestrated sequences and frequent rehearsals.

How to Write a Great Speech
Taking the time to write a quality speech with useful content will do wonders for your confidence and great public speaking is all about confidence.

The Greatest Public Speaking Secret
Success gurus will tell you there are no magic formulas for success. However, some professions seem to have "insider secrets" that are privy only to the masters.

7 Strategies for Giving a Great Speech
The fear of public speaking is one man's greatest fears. The fear of dying comes after the fear of public speaking, meaning most people would rather die than speak publicly. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

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